A recent story from Men’s Health talks about the experience of their editor, a former opioid addict with chronic pain, trying gummies and tinctures to help manage his pain, rather than taking more highly addictive substances.

We couldn’t agree more! CBD is a fantastic supplement that has the potential to help many people with many ailments.

We’ve got news: nobody has to take sugary gummies or messy tinctures any longer. Our innovative product is clean, effective, discrete, and gives you the perfect dose ever time. GloTabs are going to change the game.

Does it work? Yeah, it does. The thing about CBD is that you don’t really notice that you feel “good,” per se. It’s more about the absence of what you don’t feel, which is pain, anxiety, inflammation, depression, and so forth. Thirty minutes after ingestion, I notice that I feel calmer and more relaxed. As for the pain, it’s greatly diminished.
Sean Evans

Men's Health