GloTabs are the first chewable CBD tablets on the market, and we’re taking the world of CBD by storm!
Unlike messy tinctures and sugary gummies, GloTabs give you an exact dosage of CBD every time. We also test our tabs to ensure you’re putting the finest and highest quality ingredients into your body. Glo believes in transparency, so all of our test results are posted on our website (
We think we’ve got a pretty good product. But don’t just take our word for it. See what a couple of our friends have to say.
Cub Swanson“It’s easier to push yourself hard when you know you have the secret to recovery. Glo CBD is my go-to after intense workouts and managing to stay on top of my game. These chewable tablets help me work smarter so I can work harder for a longer period of time. These guys are really onto something here.” – Cub Swanson, UFC Featherweight Contender
Instagram: @CubSwanson
“Being someone who takes her fitness and health seriously, and coaches people on how to live more fit lives, I have to trust Steph Lodgeeverything that I put into my body or recommend my clients put into their bodies. Sourcing those ingredients is important in ensuring that only the finest compounds are being used in the creation of a product. I’m so glad I found Glo CBD chewable tablets! Not only do they use the best ingredients available, but they test their product to ensure that we are getting only the best chewable tablets on the market.” – Steph Lodge, Competitive Weightlifter/Nutrition Writer/Photographer/Model/Web Designer
Instagram: @Steph.Lodge
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