In case you missed it, our friends over at Nature’s Secret were featured in a story yesterday from the Albuquerque Journal about CBD – how the market in our home town of Albuquerque is growing and how the industry in general is not regulated at this point. We would urge you to go take a look because, unknown to many consumers of CBD products, the market is still the wild, wild west in many ways. While that may be beneficial to some companies at this point just looking to make a quick buck, we take things much more seriously at Glo.

The Journal story quoted a World Health Organization report earlier this year that said:

“There are numerous CBD products . . . that are being manufactured and distributed without regulatory oversight and often with unverified contents,” the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence wrote in the report.

This is the truth and something that many people run across often when shopping for CBD. How does a consumer tell if they’re getting something made in Uncle Johnny’s bathtub or in an FDA regulated facility? How does a consumer know they’re getting the highest quality ingredients in CBD?

Rachel Speegle, a registered nurse and COO of the Verdes Foundation in Albuquerque shares that same concern:

“CBD at a tanning salon isn’t being sold under the same requirements as the cannabis industry here, and that concerns me as a nurse because I don’t know what people are taking,” said Speegle.

That concerns us, too. It concerns us so much that rather than ignoring the lack of red tape in the industry, we added our own. Glo was started from a place of wanting to help people – with chronic pain, their worries, lack of sleep, and everything else that CBD may help. So what have we done in order to add red tape? Quite a few things, including:

  • Purchasing the best CBD isolate sourced from European hemp;
  • Producing our product in an FDA regulated, pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facility;
  • Third party lab testing each batch that is run 62 times; and
  • Posting our test results online for full transparency (results can be viewed here).

We know that regulation is coming. It always does with products or substances that start off as the latest trend but eventually have staying power in the market. That’s why we have added our own red tape to the process, in the hopes that doing so will demonstrate that there are CBD companies out there that have the business ethics to ensure that consumers are getting the finest possible ingredients in the finest products available on the market. We are hopeful, in the meantime, that it doesn’t take a serious illness or someone being harmed by a bathtub product to have sensible regulations put in place.

So when you’re shopping for a CBD product, what should you look for?

  • How is the CBD extracted? We believe CO2 extraction is currently the safest, best method for extraction because harmful solvents are not used.
  • Is it third party tested with results posted on a website? This is one of the most important items to look for when purchasing a CBD product. It’s important to know what you’re putting into your body before taking a product. In fact, we put a QR code on every bottle of GloTabs so you can head directly to our testing page to check the results for yourself.
  • Does the company have contact information listed? Believe it or not, many current CBD companies do not have a way to contact them. Look for a website with up-to-date information, email addresses, and phone numbers. Don’t be shy to contact a company if you’re unsure about their product and ask them questions. If they’re reputable, they’ll be more than happy to get back to you with timely, accurate information.

Try not to be intimidated when buying CBD for the first time. Arm yourself with a little knowledge, become an educated consumer, and know what you’re getting.

And while you’re at it, feel free to drop us a line: