The New York Times published an interesting article recently called Why is CBD Everywhere? This is a legitimate question considering the almost overnight explosion of CBD that has flooded the market recently. The writer has a couple of theories, including the push by celebrities to endorse CBD products or those that have introduced their own lines. But many of us have known for years that CBD helps with many ailments and conditions, so the question really is, why isn’t CBD in more places?

That being said, this is a wonderful time for an incredible substance such as CBD to make its way into the mainstream. From the article:

What a convenient time for Mother Nature to bestow a perma-chillax cure that seems to tie together so many cultural threads at once: our obsession with self-care and wellness, the mainstreaming of alternative therapies and the relentless march of legalized marijuana.

We couldn’t agree more! CBD is a substance that can serve as an alternative treatment to many conditions that require doses of medicine that may end up doing more harm to our bodies in the long run (think ibuprofen on the stomach and liver for example). And while there hasn’t been a lot of science conducted on CBD, we do know that humans have been using CBD as an alternative therapy for thousands of years. Our bodies are finely tuned in order to accept CBD through our endocannabinoid system. We would argue this is much more than a trend and we are only seeing the beginning of CBD hitting the mainstream.

It would be false to suggest CBD is nothing more than an obsession for reiki-adjacent bicoastal millennials. According to the AARP website, CBD has become a popular treatment for pain and arthritis among baby boomers, some of whom may have been out of the cannabis game since they rolled their last doobie at a Foghat concert in 1975.

Obviously, we love CBD. And we hope you do too. This molecule supports so much of the functioning of the human body that it’s difficult to see how people don’t take more of it already.

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