Acupuncture has been helping people support their health for about 3,000 years now. The practice has been a staple of eastern medicine during this time, along with the use of herbs in order to support the work done by acupuncturists on their patients. In fact, the practice of acupuncture and herbalism has been on the rise in the western world now for several decades.

But now we have another substance that humans have had a relationship with for thousands of years called cannabidiol, better known as CBD. With the CBD market growing so rapidly (Rolling Stone says it’ll be $22 billion by 2022), it’s only natural that one of our favorite molecules would be combined with one of our favorite eastern medicine practices in acupuncture.

By combining the practice of acupuncture for helping to manage pain, both short-term and chronic, we are able to bring together two very effective treatment modalities for many people. For many, this is a miracle because pain relief to any degree can have profound positive impacts on quality of life, from physical to mental.

In order to achieve pain relief, acupuncture helps to pinpoint the source or sources of the pain and treats all of the underlying conditions. By combining a daily CBD supplement with acupuncture, the goals of achieving a balanced state in both the body and mind can have a very positive impact on the ability to relieve pain in our bodies.

Every human has cannabinoid receptors in their bodies. These receptors are open and ready to receive CBD in the central and peripheral nervous systems. When the body’s endocannabinoid system absorbs CBD, those who are taking it can see better well-being through increased metabolism, better response in the immune system, better quality sleep, and more. Couple these incredible benefits with similar benefits of acupuncture and we have a winning formula for health and wellbeing.

As far as the safety factor of using CBD, it’s actually considered very safe for human consumption. After all, we’ve got the receptors built into our bodies to help us absorb this incredible molecule. Even at very high doses, CBD is still very safe for humans to consume. To ensure you’re getting the best product for you and your patients (and one that is safe) you should check to make sure that the company is transparent with their testing, has a phone number or email address that is live, and that someone on the other end can actually answer questions.

So talk to your acupuncturist today about using Glo CBD with your acupuncture practice to maintain better overall health and the potential for great pain relief!