How do you know what to do with a product if it’s recalled? How do you know if a product you’re putting into your body contains pesticides, heavy metals, or other substances that are harmful to your body? And if there is a recall, how do you know your product is impacted?

Unless that company is transparent, you don’t.

Take the California cannabis industry as an example with the latest recall that happened in that state:

Thousands of pounds of marijuana products were recalled last week in California nearly a month after a lab was caught falsifying pesticide test reports, threatening what some had thought would become the nation’s most promising state for the cannabis business.


Under California law, all consumable marijuana products for sale must be tested and analyzed for 66 known pesticides. Agents found Sequoia’s lab director Marc Foster had been faking reports since July about testing for 22 of the pesticides and was fired, KTVU reported.

While this is a big issue for businesses in California, this has the potential to impact CBD businesses as well, especially once regulation catches up with this fast paced industry still in its infancy. In fact, there is little to no regulation currently governing the CBD industry, so it might be difficult to tell who is legitimate and who is not.

The good news is that Glo CBD is tested multiple times, including the mandatory tests required under California law. Other tests include content uniformity testing to ensure the dose of CBD in each GloTab is correct, machine validation testing of the equipment in the lab that manufactures GloTabs, and other tests for yeast, bacteria, mold, THC content, and other substances. We go above and beyond what other CBD companies do, spending a good amount of additional money to ensure you’re getting the best ingredients and best finished product to support your health. Test results for each batch can be found at

Since GloTabs are produced in an FDA regulated facility, we also follow the protocols for product problems like recalls. Each bottle of our GloTabs is stamped with a unique batch number and linked to the test results on our website with a QR code on the bottle. We keep a number of fresh bottles set aside in an approved manner from each batch in the production facility in case something occurs where we need to retest our product. And in the small chances of a recall, we can refer to the batch number on each bottle and inform our customers that something went wrong. You’re in good hands with Glo CBD.

Whatever you do make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable company. They should, at minimum, post their test results on their website, have an email address or phone number where they can be reached, and have a batch number located somewhere on their product. These simple things to look for will go a long way in ensuring you are getting products that are good for you and contain ingredients that will not be harmful to you.