The Perfect CBD Product has arrived. Formulated in an FDA regulated facility using the finest ingredients, it’s easy to take, easy to carry, and easy to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

Do you suffer from pain, anxiety, sleep problems, or other ailments? Glo CBD may be able to help you overcome what you’re experiencing. Some of the potential benefits of CBD include:

Pain Relief: You’ve likely heard that cannabidiol, or CBD, is thought to be effective at relieving pain, including the management of chronic pain. One recent study shows that CBD was effective at reducing pain. If you’re experiencing any kind of pain, CBD may be right for you. (Study:


Anxiety: If anxiety is something that you experience in your life, CBD may be the answer to help you manage your daily routine. Evidence reviewed by the National Institutes of Health suggests that CBD as a treatment for anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD, and other anxiety-like disorders may be highly effective in helping to manage these disorders. In addition, a study by the University of Sao Paulo found that CBD helped reduced anxiety, enough so that the researches said, “These results suggest that CBD reduces anxiety in [social anxiety disorder]…” (Studies: and

Sleep: One of the most important things we can do for ourselves is to get an adequate amount of sleep each night. But close to 70 million Americans suffer from insomnia, a lack of quality sleep, or other sleep disorders. Early research suggests that CBD may have potential in treating those with insomnia and other sleep disorders. (Study:


No matter what you’re trying to treat, from pain to better sleep to promoting general well-being, CBD may be a potent tool in helping you to live your best life. Give GloTabs a try in helping you to achieve your goals!

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Formulated in an FDA regulated pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, where even the mixing process is strictly measured, you are certain to get the same dose every single time. No need to mix or shake. Not only that, but we take your health and our product so seriously that we test each batch and post those results, along with all of the ingredients, on our website.


Our CBD tablet looks like you’re using a breath mint or a vitamin, so no judgmental eyes will be focused on you. Not only that, but there’s not need for special equipment like batteries or droppers.


Glo CBD guarantees a consistent dosage every time. Formulated in an FDA regulated pharmaceutical manufacturing facility where even the mixing process is strictly measured, you will get the same dose every single time. No need to shake or mix our products.


Glo CBD provides a stable tablet every time. Unlike tinctures, capsules, or other forms of CBD that will degrade with heat and time, our chewable tablets are highly stable. This means that you’ll continue to have a consistent product time-after-time.