GloTabs are produced in an FDA regulated facility, that means you’re getting the highest quality product possible without having to deal with a messy tincture or a sugary gummy. 

Easy to dose

Each chewable tablet has at least 10 mg of CBD, because consistency is key when it comes to dosing. Each batch is tested for content uniformity to ensure that what we say is in the GloTab is actually in the GloTab. No more guessing on dosing.

Lab formulated

GloTabs are formulated and produced in an FDA regulated facility that is 210/211 compliant. This is a fancy way of saying that our chewables are produced to be the finest, highest quality product on the market.

63 Tests

As the leader in a largely unregulated CBD industry, we didn’t cut corners, we added them. We tested for everything from mold and spores to heavy metals and other potential toxins. Just scan the QR code on the bottle to be taken to our test results.

Carlos Condit

“I’ve had a long career in MMA by working hard and working smart. And when you’ve been around like I have, you understand that recovery is important, so that the hard work can continue. I like to recover in a smart way, so that’s why I use Glo"


“Being someone who takes her fitness and health seriously, and coaches people on how to live more fit lives, I have to trust everything that I put into my body or recommend my clients put into their bodies. Sourcing those ingredients is important in ensuring that only the finest compounds are being used in the creation of a product. I’m so glad I found Glo"


“It’s easier to push yourself hard when you know you have the secret to recovery. Glo CBD is my go-to after intense workouts and managing to stay on top of my game. These chewable tablets help me work smarter, so I can work harder for a longer period of time. These guys are really onto something here.”

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